Revenue Generation

Revenue Generation


Turn your database into profit generator with VADS. Our Outbound Solutions and Services will give you the best system and services to grow your business.


Tele Marketing (Sales)

Do you want to acquire more customers? Do you need expertise in sales and marketing?

Let VADS call customers on your behalf and start marketing. By combining the right solutions with the right people, VADS Tele Marketing services can contribute considerably to your revenue through specialised activities such as:

  • Customer acquisition campaign
  • Lead generation
  • Appointment setting
  • Order taking and processing


Revenue growth / market share

Increase sales productivity and leads generation

Universal agents that have the ability to up-sell and cross-sell products/services


Tele Reminder

Improve your customer experience with VADS Tele Reminder services. A happy and satisfied customer is the best strategy.


Customer engagement

Improve customer experience

Opportunity to grow business


Tele Save a Customer (Retention)

Have a large list of ex-customers? Do you want to regenerate the leads? Our Tele Retention can maximize your database and grow your business by contacting your ex-customers.


Utilize your database. Nothing goes to waste.

Reconnecting with your previous clients

Increase sales productivity


Tele Collection

Make sure your target achieved with VADS Tele Collection. VADS’ dedicated team offers comprehensive experience in loss mitigation and provides a consultative approach, sharing industry-served best practices to create customised strategies, emphasising on customer retention while reducing losses and delinquency rates.

Our programmes focus on providing convenient, professional and dependable receivable management, which includes:

Ensuring that business transactions and payments are received on time

Increasing cash collection

Reducing receivable delinquency and losses


Services and Solutions

PT. VADS INDONESIA operates as a Business Process Outsourcing provider which includes services which will create value through a better customer experience, improving service quality between our client and their customers and leverage on individual customer interaction to enhance relationship with customers and create loyalty and satisfaction. The services include: