Integrated Business Process Outsourcing

Integrated Business Process Outsourcing

We will work with your company to design call center services that uniquely fit your organization. Our contact center services solutions put together a complete seamless package of valuable people empowered with the technology to increase your sales and boost your customer support. We will field calls generated by your marketing campaign or website, and provide attentive customer care.

Benefits of using VADS BPO:

• We provide World Class Services and Solutions

• PT VADS has been certified with COPC certification (A Performance Management Framework for Customer Experience Operations)

• The people who manage the contact center operations in PT VADS also certified with COPC

• We collaborate with diverse technology partners, enabling us to adjust the budget of our customers

• We have 3 operational centers located in strategic locations such as Jakarta, Yogyakarta, and Semarang


Features of BPO Services: Direct Response, Email Response, Conference and Event Registration, Appointment Scheduling, Live Receptionist, 24-Hour Help Desk and Emergency Response are all easily within reach of any company. We also offer Telesales and Customer Acquisition services, Customer Care, and Retention programs to our enterprise clients.


Services and Solutions

PT. VADS INDONESIA operates as a Business Process Outsourcing provider which includes services which will create value through a better customer experience, improving service quality between our client and their customers and leverage on individual customer interaction to enhance relationship with customers and create loyalty and satisfaction. The services include: