The Inauguration of PT VADS Indonesia Gadget Lab

The Gadget Lab of PT VADS Indonesia, located at our office, Puri VADS, was inaugurated on July 24, 2012. The Gadget lab provides an up-to-date knowledge about Gadget technology

The Innaguration of PT VADS Indonesia Gadget Lab

The Gadget Lab of PT VADS Indonesia, located at our office, Puri VADS, was inaugurated on July 24, 2012 and formally opened by our client, PT XL Axiata Tbk, represented by Mr. Ongki Kurniawan, Chief Service Management Officer and witnessed by Ms. Cut Noosy, General Manager, Customer Service.

This special event was also witnessed and attended by Mr. Rudy Dalimunthe, Sr. Manager Vendor Management Organization, Mr. Haikal - Executive Strategic Business Partner, Mr. Arry Arnanto VMO Specialist and XL Contact Management-System Development Team.

The main event started with a brief remarks by Mrs. Wardhani Soedjono who stated that the Gadget Lab was the best of breed in Indonesia, being in advance in PT VADS’ initiatives to become a strategic partner of XL.  It will be utilized extensively by our Contact Center team to improve their MDS (Mobile Data Services) capability in acquiring gadget knowledge and skills.  The Lab will improve the skills of PT VADS’ Customer Engagement Champions (CEC’s) in the most advanced cellular technology and therefore will be able to provide solution to customers faster and better. As a matter of fact, the Lab has been used even before the opening and currently the schedules seem to be full every day. 

In his remarks, Mr. Ongki Kurniawan emphasizing about increased customer’s reliance on gadgets that would impact in increasing customer complaints and inquiries on he gadgets and such as blackberry, android and Iphone and certainly the services associated with the gadgets. The Gadget Lab will certainly support the solution to customers concerns as the Lab provides the facility for the CEC’s to learn and acquire skills necessary to serve the customers better. In summary, Mr Ongki expressed his appreciation to the Gadget Lab initiative.

Mr. Ongki Kurniawan symbolically opened the Gadget Lab by pressing his thumb on the fingerprint detection device as a requirement of access / open the automatic door of Gadget Lab.   

Directly greeted by a firework simulation and confetti that appear in three LCDs screen TV and a glittering LED lightning with techno music showing the excitement when the group entered the gadget lab the first time. 

Officially documenting the opening, XL and VADS Management signed the digital inscription projected onto a screen through an iPad.

The opening was concluded with demonstration and explanation of the facilities by PT VADS’ highly skilled CEC’s (Customer Engagement Champions).

PT VADS opens the Lab for public visit upon reservations.

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The Inauguration of PT VADS Indonesia Gadget Lab

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