Sahur on The Road

PT VADS Indonesia has a moment to share with Dhuafa and Orphans. Through their corporate social activity. It happens in Yogyakarta and Jakarta through Sahur On The Road 2012.

Momentum holy month of Ramadan is always a moment to share with all beings, particularly the Dhuafa and orphans. Still in a series of Corporate Social PT VADS Indonesia, Yogyakarta for the site this month and try to share a sense of sharing good fortune with orphans by organizing “bukber” in the orphanage "Zuhriyah", Ngaglik Sleman, Yogyakarta on 29 July 2012.

This event celebrate by children orphanage’s Zuhriyah likes “robana” performance  with Islamic song that touch the heart,  Islamic Games, accompanied by attractive gift giving to the winner and a Tausiyah by Umi Yahya as a representative of the owner of the orphanage foundation Zuhriyah while waiting for Adzan Maghrib prayer.

Sahur on the Road
For Jakarta site held on August 3, 2012 also did Bukber, with Ustad Syahroni Mardhani who gives a Tausiyah which can raise our piety in Ramadan. Followed by Maghrib Prayer and Fasting congregation together was attended by the Management, CEC 817, TM 100 & Bumiputera.

All activities are precious in this holy month of Ramadan, aims to give and share what we have to others. 

Hopefully with events like this could increased devotion to the Almighty and professionalism to employee PT VADS Indonesia.

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Sahur on The Road

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